Why you should live in a shared apartment



At some point it’s always time, we move out from home and leave the Hotel Mama. How do we want to live now? In a smart single apartment or a fun flat share? Sure, in your own booth you can do whatever you want and don’t have to consider any roommates. But is living alone really preferable to living in a shared flat? Because living in a flat share also has many advantages and we believe that everyone should have had some flat share experience at least once. Why? These 7 reasons speak for it:

Single vs. shared life: who am I and how many?

Moving straight from your parents’ house into your own apartment sounds tempting. No one who asks you to clean the bathroom, put away the dirty dishes in the sink or bring friends with you if you like. In a shared apartment, you trade this private sphere for community. You hear this argument over and over again. But a flat share also helps you to find out more about yourself. Living together with others only shows you your own quirks and idiosyncrasies. This is how you learn to be considerate of others and to adapt to their quirks and idiosyncrasies. The experiences will be useful to you throughout your life. It doesn’t matter whether you’re studying, later at work or in your private life, things will almost never go exactly as you would like them to. Therefore, it is important to learn to make compromises. The flat share is a protected space in which you can practice these situations naturally and try out strategies that will help you later in comparable situations.

Orientation aid: swarm knowledge, because you are not alone!

At the age of twenty, your own life often changes fundamentally. We leave school, old friends and life with our parents behind and a new phase of life begins. That’s quite a lot at once and can be quite overwhelming. You have to find your way in student life, meet new people and conquer a new city. Many new experiences are pouring down on you and everything seems bigger, more exciting and also quite chaotic. It’s great when you’re not alone in moments like this. Your roommate(s) has also experienced all of this and can give you valuable tips. This will make you feel a little less lonely and you can benefit from the experiences of others. Use it!

WG parties: one is still possible, …

Studying is not just about imparting knowledge and academic titles. It’s also about being free to meet new people and enjoy life. Everything in the right balance, of course 😉 It doesn’t matter whether you’re throwing a legendary flat share party or turning night into day at a spontaneous sit-in in the large eat-in kitchen … you should definitely have done it at least once. Of course, this also includes the stress with the neighbors (so just invite them), worrying about whether there will be enough drinks, whether enough/or. too many people coming and cleaning up the mess and horrible hangover the next day. You can’t buy experience! For everything else there is…

Storytelling: Real life

Has there been stress again because you couldn’t agree on the cleaning schedule or who’s taking out the garbage this week? Roommate used up your stuff from the fridge? The roommate always dries her teabags in the kitchen, the argument about who owns the hair in the bathroom, the long red wine evenings in the kitchen. There are stories that cannot be told unless you know flat share life.

Friends will be friends: … and you are never alone again, alone!

Things aren’t going well at university or at work right now? Is your boyfriend or girlfriend causing you stress or are you just in a bad mood? No problem. In a shared apartment, you always have a roommate who can cheer you up and give you feedback on important decisions.

Schnick, schnack, schnuck: The cleaning plan & Co.

Honestly, who likes to clean? But look at it this way, in a flat share it’s not your turn every week. There is always someone else who needs to get involved. Agreements can often be made. If you do this, I will do this. With a bit of negotiation skills, you can distribute the tasks in the way that is best for you.

Living connects: When strangers become friends

Shared apartments are a great form of housing for a certain phase of life. However, this section is also characterized by changes, so roommates can change more often than you might think. Slipping in a semester abroad for a short time or doing an internship in another city also means that new roommates in the shared flat change life in the shared flat. The advantage is that you get to know a lot of new people. These often become new friends for life.


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